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Our founder recognized an inconsistency with attorneys focusing on the practice of construction law. He noted that while there are many attorneys that specialize in construction law, many do not have any experience in construction or basic knowledge of the construction process. What this equates to for clients is increased attorney's fees. Specifically, increased hours billed to evaluate and understand your construction based issue, the necessity to hire a construction consultant to explain the construction issues central to your case, and increased time you as the client spend communicating with said attorney to explain the "construction language".

The Richter Law Firm was founded to eliminate this practice. Our goal, and belief, is that our construction expertise provides a higher quality and more cost conscious representation for our clients.

The Richter Law Firm offers business law services including entity formations and contract drafting/review. Our firm is knowledgeable in the practice of construction law; filling and removing mechanic's and materialman's liens; construction defect suits; and construction dispute cases. To simply put it, "We Know Construction".


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